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Good Bye & Thank you

The time has come for me to bid you all adieu.

I wanted you, my subscribers, to know before I make an announcement publicly on October 1st.

On December 1st, I will leave the coaching world for good. In recent years I have worked on building my love of all things green into a business that now requires more of my attention than I can currently give it in order to build it into what I hope it can become.

I have ideas. They need my time to become reality.

I will honor those longer term commitments that have already been confirmed. Appointments that have been booked. But as it now stands, there will be no new appointments with new clients taken after December 1st.

My new business is GREEN LOVE. It brings me back to my roots as a creative person. But now instead of words, which was my first venture into creativity, my creative life now is visual.

GREEN LOVE celebrates my love of all things green. Hence the name. Technically I am a Biophilic Designer. One who designs with plants.

Whether that is building a Green Wall or Living Wall, designing a garden, renovating a garden, plantscaping a home, adding WOW to a forlorn patio or making an event special through the addition of floral and/or botanical decor.

A recent project for the reception area of an advertising agency in downtown Toronto.

I know what I need to do to build GREEN LOVE. I am not taking the advice for my own business that I am giving to you. This feels out of integrity for me.

I will miss you all.

I thank you for the opportunity to make a difference in your life and your career. I am most proud of the successes we have created together. I am proud of the work you have done to create your success. It takes a lot of courage and faith to take the advice of someone telling you do to something that feels so wrong but doing it anyway. I get it. I've been in those situations myself. It's tough. But you did it anyway. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Good Bye & Thank you.

~ heidi

P.S. If you need more green in your life (not the paper kind), I hope you'll keep me in mind. I ship across North America. If you'd like to be on my GREEN LOVE mailing list, please sign up. The lightbox will pop on after a few seconds.