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So What.

That’s right.

So what.

That thing that keeps going through your mind? The meeting that didn’t go well. The dumb thing you said. The job you got fired from TWENTY YEARS AGO. The argument you had with someone ten years ago.

So what.

All that ruminating over the stuff that happened in the past does is keep the past in the present. If our brains only have capacity for one of the two - do we want to relive a past we cannot change, or do we want to build a new present and learn from our mistakes.

Learning from your mistakes means you stop repeating the old ones and start making new ones.

New mistakes are the result of growth. Moving forward. Trying things on.

You don’t have time to make mistakes? That's because you're busy living in the past remembering horrible parts of your history that weren’t even that great the first time - why keep reliving them?

Many of my clients want to spend time in the past. I teach them to think about their future.


Dare to Dream. Dare to imagine that perfect job for you. Get crystal clear.

Crystal clear with diamond precision. Getting to diamond precision, will take a LOT of thinking.

Thinking that is currently occupied with thinking about your past.

Not thinking about now.

Not thinking about who you are now.

Not thinking about who you desire to become.

Since your brain only has enough room for a lot of thinking on one topic, which one will you choose?

~ heidi