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What does Labor Day mean for you?

The end of Summer, the beginning of Fall, the time to get that thing called ‘discipline’ out of the closet, dust it off, and deploy it again on a daily basis?

The time when you begin thinking of your career again? You’re not alone. It’s the busiest hiring season of the year.

It’s also the busiest firing season of the year in multinational land as offices scramble to do whatever it takes to make their numbers make sense.

(Don’t shoot me. I’m just the messenger.)

Everyone denies it, but I didn’t just get here.

I’ve been watching for a while.

So if it’s a big time for hiring and a big time for firing, I beseech you: Whether you’re looking, not looking, ish, only mildly annoyed, or happier than a pig in doo-doo, GET YOURSELF READY.

Call me Chicken Little. Okay. Now that we have that out of the way, let me add that it has been my experience that creatives who have their ‘everything’ in order, ready to mobilize on a moment’s notice bounce back faster should something they weren’t expecting happen. Seen from the other side, those who proactively work on their brands land the best jobs even before it’s officially announced that the agency is looking.

Still with me? Good.

Let’s get busy. Before you need to, let’s make your brand stand out when it’s alongside all the other people applying for the same job you want. Let’s create something irresistible. Something that won’t stay in the black hole otherwise known as the HR’s inbox, or the Creative Director’s inbox, or the President’s inbox.

Something that kicks some serious – I Need to Meet You TODAY – butt.

Let’s do more than that even. Let’s figure out what you really want out of this career in creative. Then let’s figure out what the first step is that you need to take in order to make that career happen.

Let’s get you to stop applying for jobs that you don’t really want for the sole reason that they happen to be available.

That’s no way to build a career, and it’s not the recipe for Happy. Anywhere.

We’ve had the Summer to daydream. We’ve thought about what’s next. If you know that what you really want isn’t what you have now, then let’s change the second half of that clause, shall we?

If, while daydreaming, you’ve realized that your career is where it’s supposed to be right now, and you’re happy with where it’s at? Perfect! Let’s get you ready anyway.

~ heidi