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Fire four Account Executives or Account Coordinators and hire four killer Executive Assistants for your creative department. Help your creatives focus on ideas, not the stuff they suck at.

And hate.

Creatives love to create ideas. They love to see where an idea can go, and where that idea can take them.

The other stuff? The stuff that makes them and everyone around them kookoo? They hate it.

There are Executive Assistants who love doing that stuff. Who would love to do it in an agency instead of a mutual fund company. Or an accounting firm. Or a law office.

Warning. For the first month, you will be scared. You will be very scared. But after that, it will get better. I promise.

Don’t believe me? How many creative people do you know that are married to people in left brain professions or hyper organized people? I’ve been doing pantry research for about 10 years and the answer I’ve come up with is lots.

These are the people they chose to spend their lives around. “They” say that we choose partners who complement the parts we are ourselves lacking. I would add, and often too lazy to develop. It’s human nature.

So less Account Executives, and more Executive Assistants. But good ones. The kind that make your day better. Not the ones that make excuses.

Less paper moving, more idea creating.

Because agencies sell ideas, not paper. Right?

~ heidi