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A lot of companies interview people for positions that don’t currently exist.

Which is great. As long as you use the time to get to know who is out there, who is doing what, who is great, and who isn’t.

Also great, if the person that was just interviewed starts a grass-roots marketing campaign on your behalf by telling everyone they know, how awesome your company is and how badly they want to work for you. Why would they do this? Because of the positive experience they had, the work you showed them, the vision and goal of the agency that you shared, as well as the company’s plan to achieve it, and probably most importantly, the people they met who shared the same vision and enthusiasm that you have. Couldn’t ask for a better outcome. Word of mouth advertising. Besides it’s smart to always be planting seeds with future employees. You never know when you are going to win that huge piece of business and need people stet. Hurry.


If the people in your company interviewing people at random, don’t know how to conduct an interview, ask the tough questions, screen for fit based on the criteria you’ve provided, or how to tell a compelling story about your company, they should not be interviewing.

Anyone. Ever.

Interviewers MUST be ambassadors for your brand. So, make sure they know what you want your brand to be known for at street level, what attributes you are looking for in talent, and what kind of person makes the cut. Or doesn’t.

After the interview, don’t forget to capture the data.

A wasted interview is a wasted hour.

Most of the time when I ask people who have just interviewed at a company what’s going on at ACME Ads, they don’t have a lot to say other than, “I don’t think they’re looking right now.” Or “They said they’d keep me in mind.”

When I probe as to what work ACME Ads has done lately, they don’t know.

Talent can make or break your brand.

They can make or break it whether they’re talent already working for you, conducting interviews and telling the ACME Ads story to potential talent – or whether they’re future talent, telling their friends about the amazing stuff ACME is currently doing – or whether they’re saying nothing more than, “I don’t think they’re looking right now.”

Your choice.

~ heidi

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