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What are award shows for? Besides awards.

In my opinion, they’re a celebration of our work, a celebration of the community, a chance to re-connect with colleagues and friends, and oh ya, they give some people awards while we’re there too.

I’ve never understood the comment I frequently hear, which is, “I’m not going, because I don’t think I’m going to win anything.”

That’s why you’re not going?!!?

What about going to applaud the efforts of your colleagues, so that when you win something, your colleagues will return the favour and applaud your efforts?

What about going to see the work that has been done in your community in the past year? To learn who and more importantly what, you’re up against?

What about going to learn what is happening in your category? What your clients are up against?

You need to know how the work played in the room.

If you’re a President isn’t it your responsibility to go too? Don’t your clients expect you to go? If what you’re selling is breakthrough creative, how else can you keep on knowing what’s breakthrough today?

If you’re an up and coming creative person, isn’t it your responsibility to go? Even if your agency doesn’t send you? The tickets cost about the same as the jeans you’re wearing right now, and the experience and education will last a whole lot longer.

An award show is a celebration of creativity. Regardless of who did it. An award show is a celebration of a community. The one we all depend on for our livelihood. An award show is a chance to network, and take an interest in the people around you.

An award show is the glue, and now more than ever, this industry needs all the glue it can get.

Be a glue person. Defend your community. Go.

~ heidi