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If you believe culture is an individual responsibility, you probably already behave in alignment with this belief. It’s always nice to meet a kindred spirit.

However if you believe culture is something that is handed to you, or something you walk into, then perhaps we should talk.

I believe it is the responsibility of each person in the tribe “culture” to bring their best self to work every day. Whether that tribe is a team, an army, a caucus, or a boardroom.

I believe the “give me the culture” type of thinking ultimately leads to feelings of powerlessness. Suddenly you’re in a trap that you have no power to impact.

Whereas “I can impact the culture” thinking causes a number of minute immeasurable shifts that ultimately lead to one seismic shift that you will have set in motion.

Here are 25 things you can do, starting right now:

Tell the truth. If you don’t agree with something, say so. Do What you Say You’re Going to Do When you Say You’re Going to Do it. Leave your Personal Problems at the Front Door. Put your cup in the dishwasher Show up to meetings 5 minutes early. Bring paper. Bring a pen. Write your career plan. Straighten the magazines in reception. Throw out the ones that are more than 6 weeks old. Share inspiring information or news. Shave. Make it your responsibility to learn things that will make you better at your job. Take courses to become a better presenter. Listen to music when you need to focus. Stick out your chest. Read as many business magazines as creativity magazines. Be respectful toward other people’s time. Show up ready. Make lists. Make deadlines. Forget whose job it is. Ask not. Remember everything your grandfather told you about hard work. Then do it. Remember, it’s called “work”for a reason. Find reasons to say “thank you” more often, and stop creating reasons to say “sorry”.

~ heidi