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Do you know?

If you know who they are, do they know who YOU are? Why not?

Is it because you haven’t made the call yet? Is it because your brand is unknown to them?

If they do know who you are, CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve set the ball in motion.

You’ve initiated the courtship, you’ve started the dance.

The person that you need to cause the change that will transform your company isn’t sitting around waiting for you to call.

They’re busy transforming something else right now! And that’s why you want them.

So start, but before you do, get ready. And if you’re not ready, start getting ready.

Get your brand in order, create a compelling story, develop the plan that makes the story believable, and start making the plan happen now – while you’re waiting for them to notice you – or while you’re getting your brand to the point where the person you want to hire will take start paying attention.

Let’s go back to the high school dance – remember the girl or guy you most wanted to dance with?

Yes, them. I doubt they were sitting a lot of tunes out. No, they spent most of the night spinning around the floor.

Nothing has changed. We’re still at the high school dance.

The person you want to hire is too busy dancing with everyone else to notice you. So you’ll have to be extra diligent, extra special and extra demonstrative of your intention to attract them to you.

One of the greatest hirers I’ve ever met, did exactly that.

He made a plan, he stayed in touch, he followed up regularly, he was patient, he understood time was his ally, he never got frustrated, he persisted.

And in the end, he always got his person.

Along the way, he always attracted the attention of many others, because his game was of the size required to attract the attention of the person he wanted. Which resulted in what I called, “The Dream Team” at the time.

Do you know the name of the next person you want to hire? Do they know you?

~ heidi