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Yes, congratulations. It’s not a reason to leave, it’s a reason to stay. You are one of the lucky people who works for a company that cares enough about you and your success to take the time to give you the feedback that will help you grow in your career.

I spoke to a few Creative Directors about this idea. Unanimously they agreed. “Writing a great review is easy.” “Writing a moderate review for an under-performer takes far less time.” “Writing the tough review intended to give the person the feedback they need to become a valuable member of my creative department? That’s a b*tch.”

Recently I was privy to a raging debate going on in one company where one of the senior management felt they should be honest and provide feedback for an intermediate person to grow, correct and improve. The other member of senior management thought it was “mean”. They were afraid of discouraging him and dampening his enthusiasm.

Well they ultimately chose to provide the tough love feedback, took the time to have an extra long lunch, answered any and all questions the employee had, provided resources, books and learning for the individual to follow up on, and then checked in at one, two and three weeks to see how the employee was doing.

While I would love to tell you that this story had a happy ending, and responded positively, I can’t. This person ultimately quit and went to another company. My response? Thank you. I just hope for their sake that they learned something from the time that senior management took to coach and guide them. But my experience has shown me, that in a year or two they’ll be looking for another job – probably because they had another review that cited similar opportunities for improvement.

Or even worse, they didn’t get a tough love review and were merely dismissed.


~ heidi