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This morning I had breakfast with the President of an advertising agency.

Somehow the conversation turned to dress code of creative people. He told me about a creative team he used to work with (one of the world’s most respected) who had this incredible success rate at selling work through the first time.

Let me tell you about this team.

Yes, they were talented and they did great work. But they also looked great. They had a very polished sense of style. The kind of style the guys on the other side of the boardroom table would have. If only they were as creative as this creative team.

(I’m not talking Elton John here, I’m talking sophisticated, understated, professional.)

The kind of style other men admired. Younger men, older men, junior men, colleague men, client men, supplier men. The kind of style women from the same ranks admired too.

The kind of style that was non-threatening but present. The kind of style that said, “I’m paying attention to the details. Including my details.”

In case there’s any confusion it wasn’t the kind of style that reminds clients of their kid who smashed up their car last week.

Wouldn’t it make sense that when these stylish creative guys spoke to clients, they spoke from a place of credibility? Surely this creative team who had put so much thought into dressing in a manner that indicated this meeting and the client’s business was important, MUST have put as much thought into the work they were about to show.

I’m not saying that just because you’re well dressed and have put some thought into how you occur to your clients in a meeting that it’s going to guarantee you’ll sell everything you present from now on. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I am saying however, if something as simple as pulling it together for a big (or small) presentation MIGHT increase your success rate, why not?

~ heidi