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I am the only career coach that is also actively self employed as a creative person.


I am the only career coach that specializes in creative careers.
I am the only career coach that WAS once a creative recruiter.


It gives me a very unique vantage point.


The trifecta as it were.

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I am hired by CEO's to help new creative leaders learn the ropes of leadership quicker and faster than they would without a coach. 

I am hired by HR to help people who are being downsized by their agency. My methodology is market tested and helps people get re-hired on average 30% faster. 

I am hired by the hour or by the project over a period of time determined after the initial brief.


I help creative people of all levels of seniority achieve their career dreams. I teach them how to: get noticed; interview better; negotiate a better salary package; build a brand that gets them hired (or find a new job) faster; ask for a promotion; learn how to build a creative department; learn how to have the tough conversations; excel at a big new important job from day one.

I help creative entrepeneurs _ freelancers succeed in their businesses by creating accountability and a plan of action that helps create tangible measurable outcomes.

I am hired by the hour or by the project determined after the initial brief.


I am hired by creative and advertising professionals who wish to transition into a new career that is aligned to a long term dream and do it in a way that makes sense financially and gets results.

This process can take place over several years as a transition must be carefully planned and thought through in order to maximize the odds of success. 


A one on one all day retreat where we work on a plan to create the outcomes you are looking for at this stage in your career.

After a 7 hour day you will leave with a plan that you will execute over the next three, four or six months as determined in our initial conversation.


The Career Coach for The Creative Class

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I started in this business as a creative person with a ton of creative ideas and no career strategy. I had goals but no plan on how to get there.

I worked as Canada's most respected recruiter of creative people for 15 years. 
I realized that the part of my job I enjoyed the most (and got the most consistenly
outstanding feedback on) was my coaching.  

So I switched to coaching, and launched HEIDI CONSULTS and became
The Career Coach for The Creative Class.

Since 2010, I have helped people get the careers they want, earn the salary they want,
get the promotions they want, get the jobs they want, and most important of all,
figure out WHAT they want.  

I am the most proud of the many testimonials I have received along the way.  For every testimonial you read, there are 10 more people too shy to come forward and admit they needed some coaching help along the way. 

I understand. 
Your secret is safe with me.

~ heidi


What's Being Said


I've worked with Heidi a number of times to help our creative leaders become the very best versions of themselves with great effect.  I can't think of anyone who understands the psychology of creative people more fundamentally than Heidi.  And that means that she can quickly diagnose the issues, put an actionable coaching plan together and get results fast.  She's helped many of our people quickly go from being an awarded creative to a true creative leader and they love her for it. 
Heidi's a trusted advisor and is a rare talent in our business.

Andrew Bailey / CEO, North America / The & Partnership

I would not be where I am today if it was not for Heidi. Her career coaching, vision, shoulder to cry on, expertise has been so valuable to me. Had it not been for her my website would be only print with no resume. Had it not been for her I would not have a road map for my career. Had it not been for her I don't think I would be as prepared as I was for any job or job interview I went on or will ever go on.

Jason Gaboriau / Executive Creative Director / Doner LA

Heidi is tough as nails when she needs to be, supportive when she needs to be, and intuitive always. Within the first 10 minutes of talking to her, your skeptism turns to curiosity. 10 minutes after that, your curiosity becomes excitement. Excitement about the potential she could unlock. She knows her stuff, and knows how to relate to ambitious creative types who think they have all the answers.. but only have most of them.

Isaac Silverglate / Group Executive Creative Director, R/GA NY

“No one prepares you for the Top CD job.  It’s a completely different role than the one you’d been doing so well to actually get that job.  Heidi grounded us, helped us put a plan of action into place and helped us set goals.  When 18 months later BBDO won Agency of the year, I said to Heidi, ‘Thanks.  We wouldn’t be here without you.’  And that’s a true story.”

Peter Ignazi, Chief Creative Officer, Cossette

Sometimes you get lucky and find yourself in the right place at the right time.  Other times you make an informed decision that puts you in the right place at the right time.  The latter, the times of informed decisions, are the moments when Heidi played a key role in guiding me towards my next step, or away from what (I realized in hindsight) might have been a bad move.  Her experience as a creative person, a creative recruiter and a coach of creative people, are a rare trifecta that, when coupled with her strategy and insights, any creative career can benefit from.

Nancy Crimi - Lamanna / Chief Creative Officer, FCB Canada

Heidi revamped my company, my mindset, my lifestyle. She revamped my life.  She brought more Chrilleks out of Chrilleks, guided us, gave us that extra push, and now... we're knocking on doors that I didn't even think were possible. My company didn't just get an oil change, together we built a whole new motor. And it's all thanks to her. The best thing I did for my company was hire Heidi.

Chrilleks Productions / LA / New York / Toronto

For more testimonials, please visit my Linkedin Profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/heidiehlers/

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