August 9, 2012

If you believe culture is an individual responsibility, you probably already behave in alignment with this belief.  It’s always nice to meet a kindred spirit.

However if you believe culture is something that is handed to you, or something you walk into, then perhaps we...

July 12, 2012

I will admit it.
I have.
And I’ve fallen for it more than once.

When I was still a copywriter, I fell for it twice.

It’s a good lie.
It’s one that most creatives will fall for.

Because it’s the one that creatives want to believe
and be a part of.

If they didn’t believe i...

June 2, 2012

1. The one that understands that promotions and raises will not cause someone to start making significant contributions to the department, rather, they happen in response to the ones already made.

2. The one that is fun to interview. By fun, I don’t mean funny ha ha. Bu...

May 10, 2012

The final part of creating an award winning piece of work is accepting the award.

There is a way to do it, that makes everyone in the audience happy for you.

Conversely, there is a way to accept an award that makes everyone in the audience as uncomfortable as you appear...

April 12, 2012

Do you know?

If you know who they are, do they know who YOU are?
Why not?

Is it because you haven’t made the call yet? Is it because your brand is unknown to them?

If they do know who you are, CONGRATULATIONS, you’ve set the ball in motion.

You’ve initiated the courtship,...

February 17, 2012

If you haven’t read, Bossypants, don’t do anything else until you click here and order it.

While reading it and subsequently causing a scene with my uncontrolled laughter, on planes, in restaurants, on the train, and in hotel lobbies last week while visiting New York, I...

January 5, 2012



Yes, congratulations. It’s not a reason to leave, it’s a reason to stay. You are one of the lucky people who works for a company that cares enough about you and your success to take the time to give you the feedback that will help you grow in your c...

December 23, 2011

I’ve spent most of my life being attracted to leaders.

I’ve had the good fortune to meet a lot of them. From Henry Kissinger to the 8 year old who decided which of several paths through the woods 20 of us were going to take to the skating rink last New Year’s Eve.

I’ve s...

November 17, 2011

This morning I had breakfast with the President of an advertising agency.

Somehow the conversation turned to dress code of creative people.  He told me about a creative team he used to work with (one of the world’s most respected) who had this incredible success rate at...

October 19, 2011

With a marketing plan and a touch of niceness, creatives can strategize their way to success.

While working for fifteen years as a creative recruiter, I came to realize that ‘career strategy’ and ‘creative person’ don’t commonly co-exist in the same sentence. To that en...

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