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  •   I hope I still have a career.
      I hope I am no longer working, but I don't know how to make that happen.
      I picture myself having achieved the career goals that I have created.
      I don't think that far in advance.
  •   Reflects the market but doesn't reflect my contribution relative to others with my title.
      Isn't a priority for my boss. I'm not saying we need to talk about it weekly, but do you think that maybe JUST ONCE you could do my review on time?
      Is good. I feel appropriately compensated for the job I do.
      Is going to be the reason I leave here.
  •   I'm so busy with the job I have now that I don't have the time to think about dreams.
      Because things are fine the way they are. It's not so bad anyway.
      I don't know the steps to take to get from Point A to Point B. H*ll I don't even have the vaguest idea what Point B is never mind actually getting there!
      Nothing! I’m going for it!
  •   Writing a marketing plan for me, then getting my brand in shape.
      Going for drinks with friends and putting the word out.
      Calling 'my headhunter' to see what's going on out there and cruising the job boards.
      Sending out emails.
  •   Certainty.
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It sounds like you are well on your way to creating the career of your dreams. Not only have you clearly defined what that career looks like, you are putting the appropriate steps in place to make it happen.

You may, at some point want some guidance while negotiating compensation, someone to talk through a potential move with, or rehearsal and prep for an interview that means a lot to you.

If I can help in anyway, please be in touch.

~ heidi

Toronto 416 690 3370
New York 646 727 7733


You’ve had a great career so far! How much of it has been based on the execution of a career plan, and how much of it has been based on being in the right place at the right time.

Often people who haven’t had to ever “look” for a job get a little sloppy with their brand management. Remember, even if you aren’t looking, if your career is going well, people are always looking at you. These days, there is no hiding. So, make sure that you what you want them to see, is what they see.

Let me drive the point home: It impacts your salary.

~ heidi

Toronto 416 690 3370
New York 646 727 7733


Sounds like things are okaaaaay, but there is room for improvement. Maybe things are all over the map in your head right now. Maybe some things are great, some things are average and some things are really not great.

Maybe it’s time to get everything pointed in the same direction. The direction that points towards Excellent.

How is your job?
It’s fun to say.

A career like that is always worth putting some energy into creating!

Call me when you’re ready.

~ heidi

Toronto 416 690 3370
New York 646 727 7733


Mayday Mayday Mayday. Iceberg off the starboard side. And most of it is underwater, as we all know.

You are relying far too much on luck, and not enough on planning, strategic thinking and acute brand management to make either of us comfortable.

Let’s get you back on track. Let’s figure out what you WANT your career to be like. Let’s figure out what would make you LOVE having the career you have, and stop thinking that maybe selling shoes COULD be fun.

You with me?

~ heidi

Toronto 416 690 3370
New York 646 727 7733

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