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– Creative Director

If you’re coming for a pity party, you’re out of luck. Heidi shows you why your actions are not getting results, chops through mistakes with an axe and helps carve a road to that gig you’ve been dreaming about! I should have called her four years ago.

This woman does not let up. She believes in your dreams more than you do, and she shows you how to make them come true. My job is lonely. Who do you talk to? How can you admit that you don’t know? Who can you trust to tell you what you need to hear when you’re in a senior position? Who has the guts to tell it like it is in a way that is actionable, immediate and profound? I think I know. You should too. Hire her. She will help you.

I was stuck. I had been for about three years. Problem is, I didn’t know what to do to get unstuck. Heidi quickly understood where my head was and told me the exact steps to take to help me move in the direction I wanted to move in. She was incredibly empowering and supportive. And inspiring. She showed me what was possible. Not only that, but she made sure I got done what needed to be done. She’s no pushover, that’s for sure. But it’s what I needed. I’m in a job I love now. I’ve been promoted twice in the past year. I’m having fun again. And I’m more creative than I’ve ever been.
~ Creative Director

Heidi helped me separate truth from fiction in terms of what I’ve been telling myself I need to be happy in my next job. Moreover, she provided me with a concrete, tactical game plan for fulfilling those needs. It was a much-needed kick in the ass.
~ Executive Creative Director

Our agency started out with big ambitions and lots of hype, and then it just seemed to fizzle. Morale was falling fast and our biggest client had just given us a horrible review. In comes Heidi with a lot of questions for which we didn’t have answers. Lots of uncomfortable silence in that first meeting. After that, a plan to fix everything. She said it wouldn’t be easy. She was right. But was it worth it? You bet. Billings are up, we’ve just won three new pieces of business, we’ve just hired two people that we could never have hired a year ago, we’ve outgrown our space and now I golf every Friday. Maybe you shouldn’t include that last part.
~ Entrepreneur

I haven’t looked for a job in 15 years. They just fell into my lap. One day my luck changed. No job, an outdated portfolio and the worst job market in 10 years. I learned how to create a brand that would stand out. I actually got trained on how to interview and I negotiated a better package than I could have done for myself.
~ Executive Creative Director

“I met Heidi Ehlers at the VCU Brandcenter, where she has been a constant source of support for our students and alumni. We were able to coax her to speak to creative directors from around the globe as a guest faculty member for our executive training series. The topic was “How Rock Star Creative Directors Become Rock Star Creative Directors” and the session was exceptionally well received. Heidi was persuasive, motivational and completely honest with the assembled leaders. As Managing Director for the Brandcenter, I not only plan these sessions, I sit in on them. I was spellbound by her presentation and I learned a great deal. She knows what makes a great creative leader great and she inspires those around her to make the most of their talent and careers.”
~ Professor

Heidi taught us how to hire better people. Heidi taught us how to identify for fit, and retention, and culture, and new business success, and creative reputation.  I didn’t think it was possible to apply science to the process of hiring talent, and do it in a friendly, palatable way, but she did, and it works!
~ Chief Talent Officer

I met with her and she spanked my ass to the curb like I was a Grade Two schoolboy.  But somehow she did it with love.  She told me exactly what I needed to do to find the job of my dreams.  Lucky for me, I did what she suggested.  And I found the job of my dreams.
~ Intern

I would not still be in this industry if I hadn’t signed up for career consulting with Heidi.  I was done.  I’d had enough.  I was ready to try something completely different.  Heidi listened to what I had to say and asked me the really hard questions.  Hard, but good.  I saw what was standing in my way.  Me.  I learned how to get out of my own way.  I’m still in the business, and last year, I won my first Cannes Lion in three years.
~ Senior Art Director

Heidi Ehlers’ CAMP BLACK BAG: The Boot Camp for Your Career is like finding fifty bucks in your pocket that you didn’t know you had. Except it’s not fifty bucks you find – what you find is your own capacity to have the career you really want, rather than the career that just happens to you. And that is worth a hell of a lot more than fifty bucks. Creative people generally don’t take control of their careers; we aren’t trained to think about it, and I suspect most of us believe that great careers happen by a kind of magic over which we have no control. Heidi blasts that myth to pieces, and then gives you a practical toolkit to take ownership over  — and responsibility for — your career. And though her focus is on advertising creatives particularly, her approach applies to practically any profession. And Heidi is a terrific speaker; funny, engaging, inspiring, challenging, and scary — in the best possible way. CAMP BLACK BAG is the talk wish I had got when I was twenty-five (though it would be valuable to anyone, at any stage in their careers – which I say from experience). Heidi has graciously brought a version of this presentation to my advertising students on several occasions, to great effect, and I firmly believe that is one of the most important things we can expose them to. CAMP BLACK BAG is a game changer.
~ Professor

Heidi has a serious passion to help advertising professionals be more bold, honest, and creative. She also has a burning desire to see the ad industry evolve from its current state. I’ve always been an avid follower of her various blogs, articles, and websites. So, it was a pleasure to work with Heidi as a Career Consultant. She helped me re-think the way I sold myself, which helped me get my current position. She also stirred some thoughts on how I can portray myself better in the future and get noticed. Heidi knows her stuff. And she’s one of the precious few people around who actually has the experience and skill-set to genuinely help creative folks build their career. No BS. Just straightforward wit and wisdom.
~ Senior Writer

Heidi listens. Now, let’s not dismiss this action as something anyone can do. It’s not. From my experiences, I’ve found many too eager to jump in and give advice without truly listening. I know this because in the end, I felt the directions I was given weren’t in my best interests, or, aligned with my career objectives. Not Heidi. Yes, she listens. Yes, she helps. But she won’t give you the answers to the questions in your head flat out. Nothing is ever handed out in life, and it is no exception with Heidi. Through smart interrogation and a blunt yet respectful attitude, she’ll help you focus so that you can find your own answers. After this, she’ll spend the time needed to help you build a strategy, together. She knows exactly which buttons to push so that you to take control of your career. Does she care? Absolutely. But don’t forget, she’s not your mother. She won’t hold back her thoughts, opinions and the truth, even if it will sting. Heidi is tough love. Will she make you cry? Maybe. But in this industry you need thick skin. So if you seek her guidance and end up crying, well, then maybe it’s time to consider another career. Like carpentry. At least then the only way you’ll cry is if you get a splinter in your thumb. Or if you get your arm accidentally sawed off. Thank goodness I have thick skin. Thank goodness I sucked in shop class. And thank goodness I have someone like Heidi on my side.
~ Senior Writer

I would not be where I am today if it was not for Heidi. Her career coaching, vision, shoulder to cry on, expertise has been so valuable to me. Had it not been for her, my website would be only print with no resume. Had it not been for her, I would not have a road map for my career. Had it not been for her, I don’t think I would be as prepared as I was for any job or job interview I went on or will ever go on.
~ Executive Creative Director

Spending an hour with Heidi this spring was my most positive and proactive career move in 11 years. She has a detailed eye and can quickly assess both you and your situation. She has a genuine and direct voice that gives realistic goals without compromising your ambitions. And she’s definitely not a one-off experience – I intend to go to her on a yearly basis, at the very least.
~ Creative Director

Heidi is no-nonsense all the way. No shrinking violet, she will speak her mind and challenge you, but she is also very friendly and engaging. Our meetings were rambunctious, caffeine-fueled brain-storming sessions that made me look at my career from an objective angle. She is a great listener, she knows what questions to ask and will get you to clarify things so that she has an accurate picture of what your situation is and then she will start challenging you. She will spot the weak links in your choices, the fuzzy logic and false assumptions you may be making and snap them in half. It’s the career version of having someone shake you by the collar and slap you around a little bit until you snap out of it. That’s not to say that she just shoots down your ideas and choices. She will help you realize what your strengths are and motivate you to move outside of your comfort zone to try an approach that takes maximum advantage of your skills. You have to be accountable for your choices. Often we make decisions without really thinking about what we want. Heidi will help you put your goals in order and come up with a practical, thoughtful approach to making them happen. You’re going to spend 40 hours a week working, it might as well be doing something you love.
~ Self-employed Art Director

I have no idea how and when I met Heidi Ehlers, but I knew from the moment I met her that this was one person I would stick close to the rest of my life. In the world of advertising and design, Heidi may possibly be the most important and knowledgeable person you will ever meet. I could write endless paragraphs about how inspiring she is when listening to her speak, or how many times she has been able to steer me in the right direction but space is limited so I will end with this…If I was allowed advice from just one person on major decisions ranging from career to business, to life in general, it would be Heidi.
~ Freelance Art Director

Heidi Ehlers is a Smart Missile. She gets to the crux of an issue with uncanny velocity. She addresses that issue head on. She doesn’t mince words. And then she helps you resolve that issue efficiently and effectively. Heidi has recognized that the most valuable currency in our lives is time. And that’s why the service she provides is so invaluable.
~ Executive Creative Director

Heidi brought a sharp focus to my career objectives. She nailed me down to define what I wanted and how I could achieve those goals.  She suggested an action plan and a time line. I highly recommend her services.
~ Executive Creative Director

Okay, after a long haul, I finally got the job I was really wanting. And I have you to thank for it. Next Monday, I start as an Associate Creative Director at Great Agency X. It’s winning lots of awards, including Cannes Lions. Seriously, if it hadn’t been for your advice, I wouldn’t have had the patience to wait for this opportunity. I would have taken the first decent job offer. But I waited, and waited, and turned down four or five different offers before this one came along.
~ Senior Writer


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